March Moustache Madness 2012

So, you followed the link and thought it would be a good idea. Well the road to Hell is paved with good ideas and the road to Heaven is paved with awesome moustaches.

March Moustache Madness, or Moustache March as some call it, is one of the grandest traditions in ski industry history. When the first lifts were installed on the top of Mount Hebron in the holy land by attaching goats to skiers and slapping them in the ass (the goats, not the skiers), moustaches have been an imporant accessory to facial warmth and style.

Each March, members of the ski industry celebrate the holy lip covering by reenacting Jesus's giving up of shaving his upper lip for Lent, culminating in badass moustache show-downs across the snow-topped peaks. Those that emerge victorious know the glory of triumph, while those that compete and fail reap the rewards of furry lipdom!

And so, to each of you, I wish you the grandest of luck in your sacred moustache quest!

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March Moustache Madness